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What Colour Fencing Makes A Garden Look Bigger?

Painted fencing is a great way to create the illusion of space in your garden. Light shades and neutral or pastille colours are excellent choices to create an outdoor space that appears bigger than it really is. Darker colours absorb light, whereas light shades of greens, greys and pinks help to reflect sunlight, causing our eyes to interpret more space. If you’re considering installing a new fence, read on to find the answers to all the common questions.

How To Decide On A Fencing Design

The right fencing design lies in its purpose. If you want a decorative fence that helps complement your garden’s design and property architecture, then you may consider a custom hardwood panel or picket fence. However, if security and privacy are your priority, concrete post or metal security fencing might be preferable. We recommend thinking about what you want out of your fence before picking a design style.

What Are The Height Restrictions For A Fence In The UK?

Fences can be built up to 2 metres on your property without affecting the quality of life for your neighbours. Any higher than this and you will need to get permission. If you’re building a fence for security, or to keep pets and children contained, then two metres is a great height. There are also additional security features available to make trespassing difficult, if this is your priority.

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Which Fencing Style Is Best For Security?

When it comes to security, strength is key. That’s why metal palisade fencing is the best option for security. It’s not easily broken, requires power tools to cut through and comes with extra features to make the top dangerous to climb. Cost-effective alternatives include concrete post fencing. These strong components make it harder to climb or force your way through, whilst providing privacy as well.

Do I Need Planning Permission To Install A Fence?

No, you do not need planning permission to install a fence. However, it’s important to note that any fencing above 2 metres will require consultation with the planning office due to its potential to obstruct the view of neighbours, and the public. If you’re considering building a fence on your boundary, we do advise a conversation with neighbours to ensure work can be completed without any issues.

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