Pigeon Lofts Dudley

Are you an avid bird keeper looking for secure aviaries and pigeon lofts in Dudley? Then get in touch! We create bespoke designs, tailored to comfortably accommodate your flock, whether big or small. The welfare of your pigeons is undoubtedly your top priority, and while building your loft it will be ours too. Whether for poultry, tropical birds, birds of prey or any other species, we take great care to ensure housing is secure, safe, and sturdy. We also specialise in ETS trapping systems, manufactured in-house at our workshop, that reliably allow your birds to access the loft freely. For more information on our pigeon keeping products, bird and pet accessories, or garden storage solutions, get in touch.

The Importance of Pigeon Loft Design

Pigeon loft design is important for maintaining the health of your animals. Whether intended for breeding, racing, or a combination of both, this space will be their home. We build elevated pigeon housing that provides adequate airflow. This also helps prevent dampness and reduces the risk of rodent infestations. Made from top-quality timber and roofing materials, our lofts are warmer than metal or brick, thus making them more comfortable for your birds. Not to mention, they can be custom-designed to ensure they stay in keeping with their surroundings. Finally, we can provide advice regarding site location, take care of the base prep, and make recommendations for sizing, to prevent overcrowding and improve overall accessibility for your pigeons.

Bespoke Wooden Aviaries & Hen Houses

In addition to pigeon lofts, we build robust aviaries, mews’, hen houses, and also runs and pens for flightless species. If you keep chickens, small birds, or are an avid falconry expert we can create custom bird housing to meet your needs. All our products are constructed with quality timber and other materials to maximise longevity and build integrity. Contact us for a free quote.

Free Local Delivery On Pigeon Lofts

Order your bespoke pigeon housing today and benefit from FREE delivery if you are based within a 40-mile radius of our workshop! We deliver across the country and keep our rates as low as we can so that customers far and wide can benefit from our custom-built goods. No matter your location, we always offer fair, competitive prices for both product and delivery, so why look anywhere else?

Order Pigeon Lofts in Dudley Today!

Keep your birds protected, happy and healthy in one of our custom-designed pigeon lofts in Dudley today!

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