Dog Kennels & Animal Runs Dudley

You can order dog kennels and animal runs in Dudley too, just get in touch! In addition to sheds, garden rooms and fencing, we craft bespoke timber animal housing to your unique specifications. From the large and lovable to the small and fluffy, you can design kennels, runs, and hutches to keep your pets safe and secure. We can build coops, aviaries, bird tables and pigeon lofts for feathered friends too. These builds use animal safe materials and no harmful chemicals and can be customised to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today for a no-pressure discussion and free quotation.

Bespoke Dog Kennels

Create your four-legged friends their very own space, made bespoke, just for them. Whether you need a small, open kennel of traditional design or a large, secure enclosure to house one or multiple canines, we can oblige. Using quality timber and strong wire fencing free from sharp edges, our dog kennels are built to stand up against the antics of even the most boisterous of pups. We can also take care of base prep and drainage to help maintain a cleaner pet enclosure and provide better support for your build.

Custom Timber Animal Houses & Feeders

We can custom build housing for many other critters too! Contact us for:

Affordable Animal Runs Made to Order

For many, money is no object when it comes to making sure their pets are happy. However, we keep our prices competitive. We want everyone to be able to provide their furry family members with a safe and securely built enclosure or run, without breaking the bank. As our products are custom made, you can tailor the design to suit your budget. What’s more, we only use top-quality materials so you get the best value for money animal runs that are built to last.

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