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How To Inexpensively Insulate Your Garden Shed

If you find that your shed is too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer, you might want to consider insulating it. Insulation can be done cheaply and it’s a relatively simple DIY job. Whether you want to use your shed as a home gym, an office, a studio or a workshop, insulation will make it far more comfortable.

The best way to insulate your garden shed is to cover the walls and floors with a material that will prevent heat loss. There’s a few different materials that you can use. Even bubble wrap can do the trick! The guide we’ve put together is for foil wrap insulation, as this doesn’t cost much and is the easiest to use.

How Much Will It Cost?

Materials will set you back approximately £50. The exact figure will depend on which suppliers you go to and the size of your shed.

How Long Will It Take?

Allow at least an afternoon for a small shed, but preferably you should set aside 1 day to get the job done to a good standard.

What You Will Need To Insulate Your Shed

Foil Insulation

Why Use Foil Wrap Insulation?

We think foil wrap is the easiest material to work with. It’s fairly malleable and you can attach it directly to the cladding, unlike regular bubble wrap. This is because foil wrap is composed of a layer of bubble wrap sandwiched between two pieces of tin foil. The layers have an air gap between them, which reduces the buildup of damp.

Step 1: Clean Your Shed

Before you start, it’s best to clear your workspace. Take any belongings out of the shed and dust away any cobwebs or dirt. This includes the floor, as you’ll probably need to kneel down in order to apply some of the insulation. If your shed has a leak, make sure you patch this up. If a leak has caused moisture to build up, allow the shed to dry out first.

Step 2: Fill The Gaps

Next, use foam filler to fill in any gaps around the window edges. You might also find there are gaps around the door. Assess the shed to see where foam filler might best be used, then carefully apply it. Just make sure you don’t seal the door shut!

Step 3: Cut The Foil Wrap

The great thing about foil wrap is that it’s easy to work with. Unroll the foil, then hold it up against the area that you’ll be applying it to. You can create an indent by gently pressing your fingers into the edges of your shed. Simply cut along the indent to get a perfectly sized piece of insulation.

Step 4: Apply The Insulation

Spray an even coat of adhesive to the shed wall and the back of the insulation. This will create a tacky layer on both materials, which will lead to a better adhesion. If you don’t want to use spray adhesive, you can use a heavy-duty stapler to attach each corner to the shed. Apply each sheet with a slight overlap for the best result. When you’ve finished, you can cover the insulation with cladding if you’d like a different aesthetic.

Insulated Shed Aftercare

Once you’ve applied the insulation to everywhere it needs to be, you can enjoy a better regulated temperature in your shed. However, there will still be a few things to keep in mind.

You shouldn’t install electrical products or heating in your shed. This is because moisture is likely to build up. Consider this type of insulation as a way to better protect the contents of your shed, rather than a solution to make your garden building into a liveable structure. If you want to turn your shed into a home office, consider getting a professional in. They can ensure that the building is correctly insulated, safely wired up with electrics and fit for ‘warm’ use.

Home Gym In Shed

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