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Which Garden Building Is Best For You?

Are you interested in garden buildings? If you’re wanting to spruce up your garden and provide your home with a practical space, then read on to find out which structure is right for you. From playhouses to pigeon houses, there are many options to choose from.

For Summer Enthusiasts

If sunny days and BBQs are your cup of tea, then a summer house will make a great addition to your home. It’s a great hub for hosting outdoor parties and a place to read or chill out. The beauty of summer houses is the versatility. These garden buildings can be used as a home office, or they can even be made into a place for guests to sleep.

Childrens Playhouse

For The Family

If you have children, investing in a playhouse is a great idea. They’re the perfect space for storing toys and are a safe place to play. There are many styles to choose from, including multi-storey options. These outdoor rooms could have flower boxes, dormer windows, porches or even have the option to add swings or slides. We can make a completely customised space, so you can create fun and happy memories with your children.

Garden Buildings For Storage Seekers

Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate lots of belongings. From furniture to garden tools, there may be quite a few things that live in your house. The only problem with this is storing everything. If you want bespoke storage structures, we can help you. From bike lockups to bin boxes, we can create custom sheds to your exact specification.

Bike Shed

For Animal Lovers

If you’ve got pets and a space available for one of our garden buildings, then why not get one of our pet houses? From kennels and hutches to runs and coops, we offer a range of animal houses. If you’re an avid bird keeper, you may be interested in the aviaries we offer. Whether you want pigeon lofts or hen houses, we can create a bespoke space perfect for our feathered friends too.

Contact Our Team Now For Quality Garden Buildings

So, whether a summer house is for you, or a pigeon keep is more up your street, get in touch with Jay’s Fencing & Sheds today. We offer a range of dimensions and bespoke designs to ensure you are 100% happy with your product. Don‘t worry – we can also handle the groundwork, so your new structure stays strong and sturdy.

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