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Garden Storage: Tips To Organise Your Outdoor Space

Garden storage is a fantastic way to organise your outdoor space. Whether you need to store equipment or furniture, there’s a design solution to suit every home. At Jay’s Fencing, we understand the need for organisation, especially in the fast-paced modern world. That’s why we’ve put together a few examples of garden storage solutions to help you keep on top of the clutter in your property.

Bike Storage In Your Garden

Bicycles are a healthy, environmentally friendly way of getting around. Regardless of if you ride for leisure or to commute, you may find your bikes getting left out in the rain, or at risk of theft. Not only this, but with multiple bicycles in the household, things can start to get a bit cluttered. A great way to organise an outdoor space whilst protecting your bikes from the elements is a bike shed. They come in a range of sizes and customisation options to suit your garden and your lifestyle.

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is lovely in the sunshine. Unfortunately, UK weather can be unpredictable with a lot of rain. If you like to enjoy your outdoor space, but don’t like having to wait for the furniture to dry, then garden storage is a great way of mitigating these issues. What’s more, it provides an excellent way to store additional furniture for when you have guests.

Garden Furniture Storage

Keep Your Tools Safe & Accessible

Garden maintenance can be a constant battle, especially if you have a career and family to uphold. Tools can often get misplaced, or spread across your garden creating mess and clutter. If you’re fed up with standing on rakes or searching endlessly for that one spade, then a handy garden storage shed may be the perfect solution. You can decide on the size and location to easily access your tools. This ensures they’re safe from theft and damage, and makes them easy to organise.

Garden Storage Positioning Tips

The great thing about garden storage is the flexibility in positioning. A structure can be built to house whatever you like and can be built anywhere, so long as there’s room. Organisation isn’t just about hiding clutter, but about making it easy to access and utilise. So we recommend placing your garden storage shed in an area that blends in and complements the outdoor space. Not only this, but the chosen area should be easy to locate and access. If you want to disguise your garden shed to fit in better, then planting schemes, unique structures and clever painting can be utilised to achieve this.

Garden Storage Positioning

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