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Custom Timber Animal Houses: Design Features To Consider

If you have pets, custom timber animal houses are a great addition to any garden. No matter the furry friend you have, it’s always nice to have a shelter for them. Whether they’re going to live there full time, or just use the space during a certain time of day, then here are some features you might want to think about.

Integrated Run Space

Custom timber animal houses are perfect for animals who need both shelter and space to run. If you don’t have a secure garden, it can be difficult to find spaces to let small pets roam free. If you need a place that’s suitable for some outside time, why not get an integrated run space as part of the outdoor building? This is great for pets like chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

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Stable Door

If you have a pet that is prone to escaping, having a stable door is a great solution when creating custom timber animal houses. This is good for keeping things secure. Plus, it allows you to keep an eye on them from the top hatch before you fully open the door.

As well as being a great safety feature, it’s also practical. When checking in or feeding your animal, you won’t have to fully disturb your pets by opening the door. 

Multi-Level Use Of Space

If you have smaller pets, like rabbits or guinea pigs, you may find use a multi-storied hutch. Having multiple levels enables more room to roam which is great for pets. This utilises the whole building and ensures you make the most of it. Any unused space up high can be used as storage for things like food, toys, and accessories.

Pigeon Loft

Wire Fences

When getting custom timber animal houses, you have to think about specific design features that will vary from pet to pet. The type of wire fencing size is smaller for our little furry friends. Make sure to think about this before installation. This could be a big security risk if the wrong size is chosen.

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For Quality Custom Timber Animal Houses

For advice on the design of your new outbuilding, get in touch with our team today. We can build a place completely down to your specifications.

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