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Caring For Wood Fencing

Once your wood fencing is installed, then you’ll want to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Fences can last for a long time if maintained well. We always use durable and hard-wearing products, but you should follow these tips to get the most out of them. Here are just some things you can do to protect them.

Protective Treatments

Wood fencing is subject to weathering over time. Upon erection, you can enjoy fresh panels for a long time, but after some years they will naturally fade. A great way to slow this process down is using quality, protective treatments. There are many on the market – with some better than others – that will protect the timber from deterioration. Using this will protect the stain or paint, reduce moisture absorption and keep the fence looking great.

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Spot Repairs

If you notice any issues with your wood fencing, it’s best to get repairs as soon as possible. Small issues could turn into larger, more expensive ones. Sometimes storms can cause some damage, so make sure to check the panels after a spell of bad weather. Look out for cracks, missing panels or damage with the base.

Wood Fencing Rotting Prevention

Timber needs to be protected from water to prevent rotting. This can be done through protective treatments and through keeping the base clear. Wood fencing shouldn’t be saturated with water for a long time otherwise it risks rotting. We can’t control the weather, but can control what is close by to a fence. You shouldn’t have plants too close and soil shouldn’t actually touch the wooden panels unless properly treated. In the winter, if leaves have fallen and are gathering at the base of the fences, it’s always best to clean them up as they will hold on to moisture. If you have a tree nearby, ensure this is trimmed regularly to avoid a collision with the branches. This poses both a moisture and structure risk.

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